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What's New at Woodlawn

Openings for summer 2019 as of March 26, 2019:

June 1 - 8various
June 8 - 15No. 7
June 15 - 22full
June 22 - 29No. 1
June 29 - July 6full
July 6 - 13Nos. 2, 7
July 13 - 20No. 7
July 20 - 27full
July 27 - August 3No. 4
August 3 - 10full
August 10 - 17No. 5
August 17 - 24various
August 24 - Sept. 2various

Note: If we're full during a week you're interested in, please check back as reservations often change.

To reserve, email to woodlawn@woodlawnresort.com or call 800-823-5389!

PONTOON AND DELUXE FISHING BOAT. Please note on our rates page that we are now offering a pontoon for rent, and also a deluxe fishing boat equipped with all the trimmings that make for pleasurable and successful fishing.

SWIM RAFT. We have a swim raft with two reclining back rests and a table with cup holders. This is in place of the water trampoline, which we unfortunately no longer have because of exhorbitant insurance rates.

INTERNET, TV, AND PHONE. We have wireless broadband internet access. If you have a wireless card in your laptop you will be able to connect to the internet throughout the resort. We also have a TV with limited cable in the Game Room, and a telephone for local calls, calling card calls, or 800 calls.

At Woodlawn we offer not just fine accommodations but a wide variety of recreational opportunities that are included with your cottage. And since the desires of each week's guests vary, each week at Woodlawn tends to take on a character of its own. Examples:
CANOE TRIPS. Each summer, many guests take everybody's favorite canoe trip from near West Battle Lake through Glendalough and across Blanche Lake back to Woodlawn, a two or three hour excursion, depending on the stops one makes to fish, swim, picnic, and sightsee.
WINDSURFING. During some weeks, windsurfing is the favorite activity, with half a dozen people keeping the beginner's board and sails going--after a little guidance from Bud.
GOLF. One week in June, guests arrange their own golf tournament, complete with trophy.

On this page we offer a sampling of resort scenes. Many of the photos are kid-centered, because Woodlawn is a family resort and kids find lots to keep them busy and happy. (To enlarge a photo, click on it.) The photo above on the left looks toward shore from the left of the main dock as you face the shore. In the center photo, the girls feed a chipmunk. On the right above, four kids lined up for their turn at the slide wait impatiently as this photo is snapped. The photo to the right of this paragraph shows a favorite playsite, "Martha's Junior Clubhouse."

The photos below show a variety of scenes. The one on the left shows a bridal shower that guests held on the Woodlawn main dock.

The center photo shows three generations of the Roth family as we presented them with a cake to celebrate the elder Roth's tenth visit to Woodlawn.

The right photo shows Kevin Mahoney, his daughter Kate and her husband Doug James with their day's catch of bass and sunfish.

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descriptions of cottages
rates and amenities
reservation form
see more pictures here
sailboats at Woodlawn
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Woodlawn Resort
40080 Blanche Creek Road
Battle Lake, MN 56515
Bud and Phyllis Narveson, owners
Rich and Martha Ingram, managers